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  • Auditions for theatre productions

  • General auditions with theatre companies

  • Applying for drama school

  • Develop material and build repertoire as part of your actors’ toolkit

I offer one-on-one audition and monologue preparation based on my experience as a theatre director, teacher, actor and producer. I help actors prepare for the challenges of the audition process, choose pieces that show them at their best, make new discoveries with their performances and know what to expect in the audition room.

Each private session is tailored to your specific needs, offering tools that will continue to challenge your own creative process, including:


  • Advice on piece selection to support your strengths as an actor

  • Making strong, active choices within your monologue

  • Interrogate choices to make new discoveries

  • Understanding and demystifying the audition process

  • Dealing with performance anxiety

  • Being confident and spontaneous when taking direction during the audition process


WHEN  By appointment

WHERE  Canberra

COST  $90 per hour


"Luke’s work with our graduating actors has provided a vital skill set as they prepare to step into the industry. Luke has a great capacity to nurture and challenge his students and his knowledge and experience of performance craft and industry currency has provided each of his students with a robust and reliable audition technique. Luke is a great resource to any actor wishing to enter the performing arts industry" - Glen Hamilton (Course Director - Acting, Academy of Film Theatre & Television)

"I have worked professionally with Luke Rogers, and I can’t recommend him enough as a rigorous, empathetic and detailed director. As an actor himself, he understands the sensitive approach often needed to encourage creative and brave performances. He is kind and a lot of fun, and gets the best out of his actors. Anyone would be lucky to work with him." - Elizabeth Nabben

"Working with Luke helped me find strong, active choices for my monologues which I would not have found on my own. He was calm in the face of my audition nerves, and his ability to communicate to an actor is sublime. Thanks to Luke, for the first time, I actually had fun preparing for an audition." - Simon Ward


"I’ve seen young performers under Luke's direction blossom into their best selves on stage at precisely the right moment and in the right material. His gift is the ability to focus on the potential of the performer and his or her individual joy, releasing it from the pressure of the audition task. I have 35 years experience and I’d go to him for help.” - Fiona Press

"I worked closely with Luke in 2017 on the Stories Like These production of Blink at the Kings Cross Theatre. The process I enjoyed was one of open creative endeavour and shared vision. Luke’s work as a director is distinguished by a remarkable combination of a productive, critical succinctness and a gentle, approachable nature. His propensity to recognise, appreciate and then engagingly hone an actor’s original instinct is an invaluable talent. In recognising the importance of environment, Luke leads rehearsal and creative development with an eye for the minutest of details and an appreciation for each actor’s unique physical and vocal existence. Both patient and clarifying, he enables the actor to explore each detail of performance thoroughly and confidently in a joint pursuit of artistic freedom and clarity of narrative." - James Raggatt

“Luke has a great way in connecting an actor with the character and text. His nurturing approach with great attention to detail really helped me to think on my feet and embody my audition piece in a short timeframe. Highly recommended.” - Melinda Nassif

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