by Phil Porter



DIRECTOR  Luke Rogers

DESIGNER  Anna Gardiner



PRODUCER  Peter Gahan

STAGE MANAGER  Julianna Taahi



Charlotte Hazzard

James Raggatt





"Recommended. Terrific”John McCallum


“a sensitively acted and fully fleshed production… an inventive design… a very rewarding little show, one that speaks volumes about the age-old guilty pleasures of voyeurism and the very contemporary issues that spill from physically disconnected but digitally intimate relationships.” – Jason Blake

“This is a gentle, touching play that is a reprieve from the bleak themes and troubled characters that people so much theatre and cinema. Phil Porter’s scenes are delicately crafted, his characters tenderly developed… a sensitive, compelling production… Luke Rogers’ direction is similarly delicate and theatrically deft... He matches Porter’s sympathetic writing with empathetic vision and direction... a sensitive, compelling production." Stage Whispers


"Blink is a work of fantasy that magnifies the experience of infatuation, to sometimes inappropriate levels of obsession… imaginatively conceived… Director Luke Rogers brings good coherence to a piece of unfettered mosaic-like writing, and his ability to balance upbeat energy with a daydream quality, gives the production its charming, and distinct style."Suzy Goes See

“a generous-spirited meditation on the nature of love… Very funny, utterly charming and deeply thought provoking… beautifully pitched performances.”Theatre Red

“intricately constructed and executed so well I’d see it again…. Blink is brilliant and just makes you want to believe in true love all over again.” –  The Plus Ones

“whimsical and way off-centre… Director, Luke Rogers has embraced this story with a great love of detail and guides his two actors into giving deeply committed performances… a contemporary fairytale, observant of ‘outsiders’ existing through co-incidence and good fortune in the harsh reality of the world most of us live in… an hour or so of gentle escapism. An unusual ‘present’ on a Sydney stage from an aptly named Independent theatre company called Stories Like These… Stories like this, indeed – delightfully weird.”Kevin Jackson


“Love is not a cast-iron set of symptoms. Love is whatever you feel it to be.”

This is the tale of Jonah, Sophie, and a fox called Scruffilitis. It’s a true story, and it’s a love story. A quirky, dysfunctional, voyeuristic love story, but a love story all the same.


Sophie is worried that she is disappearing. Jonah is very good at keeping watch. With the help of a WiFi baby monitor, the worlds of two lonely individuals collide in the most unconventional ways, and a delicately moving and darkly funny story unfolds before your eyes.



Blink was a Stories Like These production

© Luke Rogers