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In Real Life is a new play written by playwright Julian Larnach, developed with director Luke Rogers.


Theresa is the head of a digital company and inventor of the Drum, the world’s most popular device. One evening after a fight over her future, her daughter Eva walks out of their secluded holiday retreat and is never heard from again. Theresa seeks out the answers to her daughter’s disappearance, before trying to escape the grief of losing her only child, through total immersion in rapidly developing technology - from social media to humanoid robots to cloning.


A play currently in development, In Real Life will bring to life a chilling portrait of our digital lives; a psychological science fiction thriller that seeks to find a human and theatrical response to the technological world around us. The work explores issues of grief and loss, our human need to connect, the essence of identity and personality, and the dilemmas that arise when scientific development goes beyond our moral templates for the world.



The creative development of In Real Life is supported through the Rex Cramphorn Studio's Artists-in-Residence Program, in the Theatre & Performance Studies department at the University of Sydney.


This project has also received support through Griffin Theatre Company’s Studio Program.

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